Bharatnatyam in Chembur

Bharatnatyam  in Chembur

Sheetal Academy, the Bharatnatyam Classes in Chembur, does not only focus to develop good dancers, but also to create awareness about the great Indian heritage & culture incorporating Indian values in the students, which is missing in today’s era of globalization, Sheetal Academy aims through its efforts in the field of education to put the Indian Culture and arts on top of the chart.

Sheetal Academy provides you an opportunity to learn Bharatnatyam in Chembur, the great and dynamic form of dance & art, under the guidance of their skilled and experience Guru’s with flexible timings and schedules. It imparts training to all the interested students seeking to develop and horn their dancing skills, providing a platform and equal opportunity and chance to showcase their talents and skills.

One of the biggest things in life is that, one should be able to dance to the rhythm of the life, at every step life offers you beautiful moments which can be put into a dance form, dance allows you to express and display your emotions through various dance forms. Bhartnatyam, the Indian form of dance is a beautiful dance form which allows you to express and display the various emotions of life, happy, sad, ecstatic etc.